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Friday, December 30, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Cranial Nerve Exam

Accessory Nerve,Hypoglossal

Facial Nerve


e.learning R.F.

Sleep Physiology

Di Sisi Malam


Ketika kabut tersibak
Rembulan memancarkan sinarnya
Malam yang muram telah berlalu
Makna kegelapan menjadi tertampikan
Nur kebenaran adalah kebenderangan

Saat kepala makin merunduk
Kucium tanah bukti kehinaanku
Sebagai tanda Agungnya sang Khalik

Isak tangisan begitu lirih
Seirama kidung detak jantung
Air mata berderai tak tertahan
Mencapai kekhusukan semakin dalam

Saat dingin semakin menusuk
Disinilah aku semakin mengenal Tuhan

Anatomy White Matter, Corpus Callosum

Anatomy Basal Ganglia

Monday, December 26, 2011

♥ You've Got My Heart ♥

Pada hari Jumaat yang lalu, bersamaan 23 Disember 2011, suatu program anjuran PCI telah diadakan di Hadiqah Antoniades, Samouha. Program yang diberi nama “You’ve Got My Heart” ternyata telah mencuit hati para peserta yang terdiri dalam kalangan pelajar Tahun 2 Universiti Iskandariah, sama ada yang mengambil bidang perubatan, pergigian mahupun farmasi.

Program ini merupakan salah satu program yang menggabungkan semua ahli ‘Smart Circle’ (SC) bersama mentor kumpulan masing-masing.

Antara aktiviti yang telah dijalankan adalah:
Keep your eyes on the prize
Map It Out
Follow me
Fear Factor
Catch a Falling Star
1, 2, 3… Action!

-Kredit kepada Ukhti Nisa Azmi

“Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they’re always there”


“Perbezaan tajaan jangan dijadikan alasan murahan untuk kita tidak berukhwah. Alhamdulillah. Dapat banyak sangat benda yang best tadi :D
Dapat kawan baru lg :) Ukhwah Islamiyyah adalah ukhwah yang diredhaiNya. ”
-Widad Shukri-

لقد استوليت على قلبي
[You’ve got my heart]
-Shahizan Rasid-

Ingat pesan akak senior, apa kita dapat, sampai sampaikan, dan amal. Semua checkpoint kita lalu, semua ada ilmu baru kita dapat kan? Dan yang paling best, kita dapat benda yang sama, so kefahaman kita semua sama :D
Ok trademark tak boleh tinggal, ~you’ve got my heart~
-Aini Hafizah-

Harapnya lebih ramai akhawat yang ikut serta kalau ada lagi program seperti ini. Seriously tak rugi pon! inshaAllah ^_^

Credit to: Khazinatul Asrar =)

ILA Spinal Cord Injury

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Introduction,Deep Reflexes

Muscle Tone, Power


Finger to Nose Test

Friday, December 23, 2011

medial surface presentation

Cranio sacral ganglia

sensory nerve ending

QMU Week 4 CNS Module 9

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pharmacology -Tutorial ANS

Musa And Safurah :- a courtship, a romance

I am from Generation X. Raised on ‘Pretty in Pink’ and Sweet Dreams romance novels, some of my friends read Mills and Boons, others raved about the unattainable love in the Thorn birds; but I preferred the grand passion of Wuthering Heights. That was my idea of a romance – filling each other completely, a religion of love.
It also came from Indian movies; rich girl falls for poor guy, they dance around trees in the rain, then drama ensues from the family, enter Prem Chopra character, the guy runs off with girl, the end. Sometimes, he would dash in with a monologue and take her away while she was getting married to someone else. How many girls are still waiting for their Sir Salman/Saif/Shahrukh Khan to take them away on a white horse in a red lehnga?
When in love, according to Freud, “against all the evidence of  her/his senses, a wo/man who is in love declares ‘I’ and ‘you’ are one, and is prepared to behave as if it were a fact.” This love is so destructive, so impossible; based on these notions, I have nursed many a heartbroken friend. I remember being in ER after she burnt herself with a cigarette because she wasn’t allowed to see him; another time helping to hide another’s bruises under makeup, where he punched her for talking to his buddy. My own quest was less for the pain, more for the eternal flutter in my heart. What were we thinking? Allah made us; He put these feelings in our heart, so why didn’t we ever think of turning to His book to see how ‘boy meets girl’ really works? It’s all in there.
I read of a great courtship, a love story that is so romantic it’s divine. The setting – Madyan, the land of frankincense, I can almost smell it lingering in the air. Historian Abdulla Al-Wohaibi writes that Madyan was “a flourishing ancient town with numerous wells and permanently flowing springs whose water had good taste. There were farms, gardens and groves of palm trees.”
Here we meet Safurah, the daughter of Shuyab `alayhi assalam (peace be upon him) at the side of a gushing spring, ‘keeping back, stopping her sheep from drinking with the sheep of the shepherds.’ And Musa (as), a fugitive on the run for eight days, crossing the burning desert sands from Egypt, feeding off nothing but tree leaves.
Their meeting is a beautiful example of chivalry; a perfect model of what it means to be a man and a woman. This was her daily routine and she waited out of her sense of modesty. She and her sister were strong women, after all herding their father’s flock wasn’t easy work. They were surrounded by rowdy men, reminding me of scenes from Liberty market in Lahore, Cairo’s Khan Khaleeli or the Westfield mall in Generic town, U.S.A. where rowdy boys hang out – men yelling, pushing, with little dignity or sense of composure. He, however, was a gentleman amongst the uncouth.
She didn’t need his help, she could have waited until all of the other men were done and then watered her flock, but that’s what makes it so special – that he still stood up to help her. Musa (as) was thirsty too but his sense of doing the right thing was stronger than his fatigue or his hunger. He was honorable – he could have ignored the sisters, could have said “I’m too tired, too important.” He had no relationship with these women. He didn’t know what family or religion they were from. All he saw was someone was being treated unfairly and for the sake of Allah, he was ready to help.
Sisters, a man like that will get you far in life. He will be just with your children, your parents and his parents. He will help you in your faith, your home and your life. As for the ones pushing each other to get the water from the well, they are the same brothers who will keep fighting for the dunya. They will keep working away for the next promotion and you will be left on the side like the two sisters from Madyan.
When Musa (as) approached the water, he saw that the shepherds had placed an immense rock, that could only be moved by ten men, over the mouth of the spring. ‘Musa embraced the rock and lifted it out of the spring’s mouth, the veins of his neck and hands standing out as he did so.’ He let their sheep drink and then put the rock back in its place.
After Musa (as) did this kind act, he went back in the shade of the tree and made du`a’. Unlike some MSA brothers who like to walk the sisters to their apartments and then ask them if they have food in the fridge, he didn’t ask the girls “Hey! I did you a favor, can you help me out now?”
No, he lies down on Allah’s green earth and makes this beautiful du`a’:
“So he watered (their flocks) for them, then he turned back to shade, and said: ‘My Lord! I am truly in need of whatever good that You bestow on me!’” (Qur’an, 28:24)
`Ata’ bin As-Sa’ib said in Tafsir ibn Kathir: “When Musa made that du`a’ the women heard him.”  What a beautiful du`a’ to make for all of us who are looking for a good partner or bliss in our married lives. This one du`a’ to Allah gave Musa (as) a job, a house and a family all at once. When you have nothing left except Allah, than you find that Allah is always enough for you.
The two sisters came home with the well-fed sheep, surprising their father Shuyab (as). He asked them what had happened and they told him what Musa (as) had done. So he sent one of them to call him to meet her father.
She said: “My father is inviting you so that he may reward you for watering our sheep.” In Tafsir ibn Kathir it states:
there came to him one of them, walking shyly, meaning she was walking like a free woman. Narrates `Umar ibn-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him: “She was covering herself from them (Musa) with the folds of her garment.”
Safurah is intelligent and intuitive. Abdullah bin Masud praised three people’s intuition: Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) about `Umar ibn-Khattab, Yousuf ‘s (as) companion, and Safurah’s when she asked her father to hire Musa (as). “Verily, the best of men for you to hire is the strong, the trustworthy.” Her father said to her, ”What do you know about that?” She said to him, “He lifted a rock which could only be lifted by ten men, and when I came back with him, I walked ahead of him, but he said to me, walk behind me, and if I get confused about the route, throw a pebble so that I will know which way to go.”
He didn’t follow her, looking at her from behind – subhan’Allah. Imagine the scenario: he was a prince who must have had women throwing themselves at him but he ‘lowers his gaze’, which is the hukum for all Muslim men, but how many really adhere to that? Here Musa (as) is not Safurah’s husband yet, so he asks her to walk behind him, knowing very well that he doesn’t know the way but she does. It wasn’t a matter of ego or superiority; he was concerned about her honor as she was alone, without her sister; this way he was protecting her. Look at their society too – if all the men were such boors, could you put it past those people to gossip about her walking with him?
I often wonder how Musa (as) grew up to be this way? He came from such privilege, so much corruption existed in the court of Pharoah; he could have had any woman he wanted. But he learnt how to honor women from his pious foster mother, `Aasiya (ra); and continued this respect even hundreds of miles from his mother’s eyes. Mothers can be shields for their sons – even if the fathers are Pharoah.
Back to our courtship: Musa (as) takes Safurah’s ‘lead’ by making her throw stones to direct the route. Brothers, there’s a lesson for you here: it’s ok to ask for directions and consulting with a woman. Such a man’s bravado would be insulted today; he would be considered crazy or sexist for asking a woman to walk in his shadow and then make her do all the work! Armed with our liberal arts education, we often undervalue a man’s masculinity. Such hoopla is made over where the husband walks, in front, side by side, behind you. My husband is a foot and some taller than me, so big deal if he sometimes walks faster than me, he’s got longer legs. Other times he walks behind me especially in crowds and he is often there by my side. It doesn’t define us. Shouldn’t it matter more whether he is ahead, behind or by my side spiritually?
Safurah then hired Musa (as) and chooses to marry him under her father’s guidance. There was no long engagement and no endless conversations – no promises of unending love. How many times do we pass up great partners because we haven’t clicked? What did she like about him in those short meetings? First of all, she sees he is not a wimp, he stood up for her when they were strangers, imagine what he would do for her when she becomes his wife.
He complements her life; she needs a man in her household, to help her run her business (we see the same theme in the blessed union of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and our mother, Khadijah (ra). This story reinforces in me the reason why my husband is always going to be the leader of my family. He leads well so that I may willingly follow.
Musa (as) agrees to the terms Safurah’s family sets for their marriage. She admires his trust in Allah, his ability to problem solve, his strength and his manners. If women looked for his four characteristics in a man, instead of the countless other things we focus on, will we not find our own beautiful Musa?
Further, if we are consumed by the love we have for our spouse, will there be space in our hearts for Allah? Heathcliff and Catherine of Wuthering Heights had replaced God for each other. They needed to fuse their identities and thought they had attained heaven. Bronte’s mysticism notwithstanding, love like theirs is asocial, amoral and irresponsible. After reading Musa and Safurah’s love story though, I learned to love my husband for the right reasons: for his support, his strengths, and his sense of responsibility for the sake of Allah. After ten years, he still makes my heart flutter; but he doesn’t need to complete me. It’s enough that he complements me. And it is this evolving courtship that will inshaAllah knock the tunes out of every Indian movie.
by Hena Zuberi
resource from :-
credit to:-nur akma zainal shahrom

Mesyuarat Tahunan Cawangan Kali Ke-4(MTC)

Membawakan anda

Antara acara-acara menarik
1.       Ucapan dasar Pengerusi PCI
Dan sesi membahas
2.       Pembentangan laporan AJKT sesi 2011-2012 oleh SU PCI
3.       Pembentangan usul dan perbahasan usul
4.       Muhasabah dan cadangan
Bukan itu sahaja
PCI yang cakna ahli
Ingin memberi anda anugerah

Anugerah Ahli Proaktif
Kepada mereka yang banyak
Menyalurkan sumbangan kepada PCI
Jadi, apa tunggu lagi
Nantikan kedatangan MTC
13 Januari 2012

Apa boleh anda sumbangkan untuk MTC?
1.     Sumbangan kewangan
Al-Baqarah : 261 . Perumpamaan (nafkah yang dikeluarkan oleh) orang-orang yang menafkahkan hartanya di jalan Allah[166] adalah serupa dengan sebutir benih yang menumbuhkan tujuh bulir, pada tiap-tiap bulir seratus biji. Allah melipat gandakan (ganjaran) bagi siapa yang Dia kehendaki. dan Allah Maha Luas (karunia-Nya) lagi Maha mengetahui.

!! Nantikan kedatangan tabung Infaq di lecture hall anda !!

( jika ada yang ingin memberi sumbangan peribadi bolehlah rujuk AJK-AJK MTC berdekatan)

2.   Cadangan Usul
Akan menyusul kemudian dan sila rujuk Alexmed emel anda !

Bagi yang mempunyai banyak cadangan dan usul untuk kemajuan PCI, jangan berdiam diri, salurkan idea bijak anda!

3.   Survey Kehadiran
Anda bolehlah tick nama anda pada kertas yang akan diedarkan di lecture hall nanti

4.    Undian penerima ANUGERAH AHLI PROAKTIF
Akan dilakukan mengikut batch masing-masing

Sebarang masalah dan kekeliruan, boleh rujuk kepada pihak kami di


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Mod 10 (psychology)