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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Practical Microbiology 2

Monday, May 28, 2012

Student's Academic Guide

This is the academic guide from our university..
Student_s Academic Guide

Notes from friends

these are some notes made by our beloved friends
Qosru Iskandariah & Nuramalina Yahaya
May Allah bless you both :)

1)  Microbes 1 - Click here!
2) Pharmacology (Bronchial Asthma) - Click here!
3) Histology - Click here!
4) Microbes 2 - Click here!

Friday, May 25, 2012

QMU Module 13 Week 2

Thursday, May 24, 2012

aerosol device

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Show Details
(taken from yahoo images)

My eyes felt directly on his black shining shoes that annoyingly tapping on the floor. The echoes of the shoes started to broke the silences. I started to wander around as if I'd seen that men before but it just that i couldn't remember. Two policemen whom were sipping a cup of coffee at one corner ignored the weird man, they again kept chattering about football match that blast over a team last night. That suspicious man again started to wipe his forehead which probably was sweating heavily. On his left hand was an enveloped sealed tight with stamp pasted on it. I tried to take a glimpse to what is written in the white envelope, however, he suddenly noticed my movement. I gave a long hard cough and breathed in and out to cover up my almost caught action. I greeted him and chattered about the fake 'interview' that I will attend in another one hour. He ignored, basically was trying to escape from a conversation and he seemed like needing to focus on something.
"You ok?" I asked in a manner. He vexed. "Aren't you enough already? You talked too much. Move away." He passed me through and hissed for the annoyed attitude that I'd brought.

An announcement hailed out loudly through a speaker and everybody started to paranoid and hysteria when a woman voice spoke, “attention everyone, you are not allowed to go out from this building until everything is settled. Three bombs were found inside this building. For your safety, please remain silent and do stay in you position for a bit moment. Thank you." An old lady sighed between the crowds, "stupid, I came here not for this! I've got my husband sick in the hospital in downtown. Probably will die after these all finish." Everyone started to feel sorry and walked towards her. People tended to give a warm hug to her when she started to burst out tears. "Wait a minute..." I thought for a moment. "It was that envelope again on the couch she was sitting. It was the exact one! What’s with these people with the envelope?" I tensed up, my muscle neck cramped and eyes got blurred.

I remembered now, it was that morning in the hospital cafeteria last month. The aroma of black bitter coffee that stung my nose and the talking crowd had still remained inside my memory. In fact, how the wheeling chair move to and fro inside the room and the sound of beeping from the machine had haunted me for several years now as a physician for me listening to it should be a routine. Not also to forget about the only scene that ever happened inside that building on that time. A moment that no one will ever forget, we were in BLACK OUT in a hospital for an hour. Fifteen were reported suffocated from oxygen supply and somehow were died because of shock. When the police investigated about the incident, nothing weird was reported. It was then said by the reporter that the electricity from the generator cut off unexpectedly in this town. The weird thing here was that I saw a man with the same enveloped, I mean, wait a second, it was the same man, who actually present here!

It’s probably a coincidence. A thought of mind broke through the silence cold moment. The hair at my neck stood still trying to maintain the body temperature back to its normal.

Could it be that possible?

As for me, a man with two kids and lovely wife always believed, nothing in this world is impossible. It may be possible to whatever circumstance comes. Or it may end up to be no chance at all. You know, the world could be cruel sometimes. It chooses and pick who ever the world wants and turned you to be whatever the world needs at any time or any moment. 

An hour had past, but still none of us could get out from this building. It was quite a number of people who still inside this building. I was here for an interview since I've got some offer for better position in the hospital. If I did my interview session in flying colors, I might be transfer to some other place which are may be better, and yeah, I was dreaming to work in the overseas. Not to forget the salary that I might get, it sure is a lot of number! "Hey u back there, where the hell do you think you're going?" The policeman quickly snatched the boy bags and immediately stopped his steps. "I wanna go to the toilet!" He exclaimed loud but somehow the tone was off in terrifying. The policeman in his uniform gave a long harsh sigh and pushed the boys to the wall. "This ain’t funny boy! Don't you know how to read?" I goggled around and found a red notice in front of the door written, "DANGEROUS". While they had some quarreling over the boy, I smuggled into the crowd and quickly sneaked into the room and closed the door shut. 

The other side of me had decided to ignore the warning while the samarinda character that obviously brought out well during work was shouting inside my head and asked me to stay out from their business. When the door closed smoothly behind my back, I lingered around the room and searched for something that might get the whole picture. ‘I need something like… confidential, private, or…’ three boxes sealed nicely that were arranged neatly on the floor had been found under the table caught my attention. ‘or perhaps, yeah, something like this.’ I sneaked under the table and tried to eye the boxes. Every box was written in such a big black capital letter on it. I read them thoroughly, ‘THE GOLDEN TICKET’ and examined them myself.

Not long enough after the moment awhile, I heard beeping sound inside the room. I got so panicked because I thought it was my phone that made the sounds. I might blew off this sneaking moment just because of the undercover weren’t good enough. My head hit the table on top of me and unluckily I heard something dropped on the floor and smashed just right on the scene. Some guys outside the room quickly entered the room with guns in the hand and searched around the room for what sources that may come. Because of the sudden mental block, I accidentally, jumped out of the window and was hit by a car down the road. How lucky I am because just a few seconds after that… the building blew off!

‘The boxes were bombs….. It was just like the woman said on the speaker. But... i just don’t get it. What’s with the golden ticket doing and went spreading bad news and killing and bombing each person in this town? You know what, they wanna get the golden ticket, right…I’ll bring them the golden ticket for god sake whatever it is.

Between the eyelids, I saw moving people and shouting for help and ambulance surrounded me. They approached me and screamed, “I need a doctor now!” But the next moment what I know, I only see darkness and coldness showered the whole body. ‘Dear God, I’m shivering.’

to be continued…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update! Respiratory Module

New Schedule for our beloved Respiratory Module
May Allah ease you :)

Download link 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Respiratory Module Schedule

CVS dah! Epidemiology dah! sekarang Respiratory System pula!
Jom mulakan azam baru untuk module baru :D

Download link >> Click here!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yeay! Exam lagi!

Salam ,

this is Module 12 Exam Schedule :)

Take note sahabat  ♥ ♥

Download link>>> Click here! Exam Schedule Module 12

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ethics Notes

These are some lecture notes for Ethics :)
Happy Study!

Download link >>>  click here!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Psychology Notes

Psychology Notes!
Dalam file ni megandungi enam (6) Notes

1)Defense Mechanism
2) Emotion
3) Frusrtation
4) Intelligence
5) Personality
6) Stress

Download link >>> click here!