Sunday, January 22, 2012

QUOTATION by Robert Frost "the best way out is always through"

(by nawar )
i believe i can fly,
i believe i can touch the sky, 
and i believe i can do it.

as here i am, already halfway to it.
what i dream is what i always believe.

the best way out is to go through

go and get a mirror. please ignore the pimples.
say this out loud.
"aaaa iiiii uuuuuu eeeee ooooo!!!" together say them! and say them again! 

people, i called this as face stretching because i used my facial expression and muscles to express things. and so the babies when it comes to "mummy, im hungry" and start sucking the milk.

(what is she trying to say actually?-.-")

sometimes, when you wake up, how many of you did wake up with a fresh prayer and praise? or perhaps, they just got up from bed and went to the toilet, brushed his teeth(sometimes they forget) wore clothes and duuuush, gone to class?

i have a story to tell. believe me its only a short story! (just B.e.l.i.e.v.e. me)

The sun shone persistently on her face, her eyelids cracked up and she started to whine as seemed that she really hated the morning breath. she woke up with her pajamas and rushed to the toilet. after taking her bath, one message popped into her mail screen in the computer. she gave a long cry sighed because she forgot the due date for her assignment was today. quickly, she took the paper on her desk, screened them thoroughly and slapped her forehead and said, "if....if only i could see the sticky note that had been pasted on the mirror yesterday, this wouldn't happened!...."


if i knew this question will come out...
if i were you....

when they started to break down the spirit, they tend to regret things. they kept on saying if, if, if ... and.. more irritating and unmotivated words.  agree?

the best way is always through. forget the past but instead look them in a positive way. 

do you still have the mirror with you?

When you see those beautiful eyes, it doesn't matter whether its blue, white or black, you should appreciate of who you are. please, ignore the pimples. when you go deeply into the other side of the mirror, whom are you seeing?

me, you and us! i see a face and faces. 

none or perhaps few over a percentage of people always praise them self everyday.

"today, i will do good."
"i look beautiful"
"i will score for .... then, ill buy you a piece of cheesecake."
"i believe i can do this!"

sometimes, we always give up in the middle of the road and start to whine about things and stop. dont look how far the journey will be, but imagine how far have you gone through this madness. did you go all the way here just to give up? i'll repeat this question , DID YOU CAME FAR AWAY JUST TO GIVE UP?again.... 

DON'T GIVE UPPP!!!(the best way out is always through)

finish what you have started. 

"a great person doesn't always has the great things in life, but he always tries to do everything in a great way."

go and tell yourself how beautiful you are, how intelligence you can be, how shine is the star when you could hold it, how terrible the world could be without you because a mind can always change the world and if one day you aren't here in this world, nothing could be change. except the beautiful story behind it about YOU. 

lets get working and grab the chances, just like what the great mind said, "the best way out is always through"


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