Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mama, Please Keep That Smile Forever!

Mama, Please Keep That Smile Forever!

By nawar (Muhasabah ,Niat,dan Buktikan)

She gave a long sigh of relief when she knew that it was only her cat that caused trouble in the kitchen. However, who knew for that mid 40's mother with few lines of wrinkles and somehow a bit plump in body size could feel some disappointment in that moment. She wished that was a surprise birthday wishes from her children but it wasn't. her throat felt dried and it would be great if she could go and grab for some morning coffee. She remembered about the sugar was set in the upper drawer and quickly she reached out for the sugar in the back of the closet. With such size, she failed to reach for them. What you want is what you will have if you put some effort with you. For wanting of a morning coffee she put her weight on her toes and lifted her body a bit in wishing that few forward inches could be able to reach them. But suddenly, the pack of sugar ripped off as she was trying to get it. At first it was only 5cm, and then the packet started to strip off to 10cm and.... Pofffff!!!!

The sugar felt directly all over her. 

Along saw her and cried, "Mama, what are you doing?" Mama shrugged and smirked, "maybe a cup of morning coffee with my children is perhaps the best idea for this weekend. It was just a thought." 

That day didn't go well as she wanted to. Everyone seemed like they didn’t care of her special day and just do what hers and what his. Mama took out her keys and rushed into the car and started the engine. It was Awal Muharam and like every year they will plan together for a family and drove off to Kampung to celebrate the event. Living only with her children wasn't that easy. She was the mother and a father. She was also the cleaner. She was the chief of the day. She was the driver. She was everything! 

The highway was hectic like every weekday. She hated when it comes to the end of the work when everybody will be back on the same time. She hated the traffic. She hated the sound of the horn of the cars and she hated the side mirrors! Everything she'll see will be cars and more cars! 

Mama tuned off the radio and started to talk. "We'll buy banana's cake on our way to Kampung. You know how I love cakes!"She giggled.

No responds. 

She looked through the back of the mirror to see at the seat back. Adik was already felt asleep while Angah with her I-pad on playing angry bird game. The sounds of the battle of the chirping birds hailed out loud. Two earphones were plugged into his ears. She sighed. She gave a glanced to her daughter, along, and started asking the same question but along didn't really pay any attention to her. She felt a lump in her throats. What was wrong with them? Along was busy texting someone on the phone and giggled all the way to Kampung. 

Mama felt like fainted! She could not bear this burden anymore! She wanted her husband now. He'll do what every husband and wife will do. They exchange hugs and gave morning kisses or probably there were already a bouquet of flowers infront of the bed. Just whatever! She missed him a lot!

It was already six pm and it almost late for prayers. They needed to perform their prayers immediately after the long journey. She speeded up the engine to 100km/hours and Along started to jerk off. "Mama, drive carefully. Its already 110km/hours."

She didn't respond.

"Mama, aren’t you listening?" Angah held her mother's shoulder and muttered, "we... We might go for an accident! Just drive slowly maa.please." He begged. 

Mama slowly released the paddle off and decreased her speed and started to burst out tears. 

"You know how hard for me today? You know it was my birthday don't you?! I woke up but you weren’t there! My only children who I gave rose to do not really appreciate me here. I... I just wanted some moment with you guys! This... This is not how things should go. I’m...tired!" In between sobs, she vexed. Along, Angah, and Adik bite their tongue and were speechless. 

Silence filled up the moment. 

Slowly, mama drove back to kampung. Her eyes were all red and her throat got thirsty after the whole crying event. Time had passed seven and she didn't realize that she almost arrived to her sister's house. When she was about to stop the engine, she saw one group of crowd with a tent outside. She didn't know that there will be so many people that were coming to celebrate the Awal Muharam. When she came out from the car, everyone was like running and approaching her and wished her happy birthday. some came and brought a cake with some candles and started singing a happy wishing birthday. Some took pictures for that moment. Only God knew how she felt. She was so happy until thinking that some paparazzi were attacking her. And that was the moment when the people started talking about how the kids plan everything.

"Maksu, Along called for the cakes. We made a huge banana's cake. We know u love cakes and so do the kids."
"iyalah Maksu, Angah told us that after celebrating ur birthday, maybe we could do some reciting for Awal Muharam."

Then, adik approached her and whispered, "sorry mama, I always the spoiler when it comes to suprise birthday wish. They asked me to sleep all day long. I'm tired pretending!" The crowd burst out laugh for the Adik's expression.  

Mama didn’t respond but instead she smiled. That huge beautiful smile was amazing.

“mama, do you know that when you smile, this whole world will be as bright as he wanted, will shine to every side of the corner, even the greatest will be blind with your smile and each person in this land will pray for you… saying…‘God, this woman is so beautiful. Please keep that smile forever. Please…keep…that…smile…forever.’ Mama, we love you…”

Angah approached her and kneeled in front of mama. He took Mama’s right hand and kissed her gently. The crowd hailed out as the son did an excellent speech and wishes. Mama felt for the words and cried .The smile went together with the pouring tears and believe me that amazing smile will never end and fade away even if it is the end of the world.

To the mamas’ out there, your kids do love you! We love our mother. Don’t you too readers?


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