Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Present is Your Future.

It was freaking awful for me to be late to class on that day. I didn't learn my lessons and never get sick of being punished in front of other students.  I never understand what time meant all about. It was not the first time I got late to class. Since ever I guess I never know how to appreciate time. "Time is precious. It resembles your character and personality! Be quick nisa'! " It was my mum's word every day, every night and every hours!

When I arrived to the open door, sengsei(my japanese teacher), pointed out her finger and do a circle for several times and slammed the door shut. Understood of what she meant, I rushed to the students assembly hall and make ten rounds running to and fro with my school uniform on. The uniform started to crumple and smudge with dust and dirt since I needed to go through the rain to reach my class again. "Great, its raining!"

Arriving to the class, I knocked the door and greeted her with some greetings in japanese and apologized. She asked me to take my seat and started to open page 27 but then again great things happen, I didn't finish my work. It was not that I forgot to do my work, it just that I finished the page until page 26 only and went to bed at the usual hours. I started to get panicked but tried to remain cool and acted normal. Her voice that was so sharp and loud made the inner soul drowned for help! When I opened the book, it was so clean until that I thought to take a glimpse to my friend's book besides me but suddenly I felt someone standing still like a bark tree giving some solemnly mood nervously.

"Watashi..wata..watashiwa nisa'des. anatano uchi ek..(I'm..I'm friend...)"

Bannnng! something hit me on my head. It was that thick book again!!! That japanese third edition, an author by Shinageng in Tokyo. The book that she had been used to hit her students for reasons more and more. She talked something in japan but not a word that I understood. I wanted to laugh when one of my friend make a joke about it as soon as she turned her back to face the blackboard. But trust me, she was born with four eyes and eleven ears! She knew it and that crazy friend was scolded and punished to stand on his chair until the class is over.

I started to drip down sweats when she said that who ever make trouble in her class she/he would be send off to meet the principle.

"Life is already hard. Why are you people nowadays always tend to make fuse with it? You didn't learn hard. Making everything so hard to be achieved. When I was in japan, studying hard to be a teacher to you, It was one way off to go to hell. I was not able to sleep, to talk, to eat and I even hadn't got any shower for days because of what my late teachers did to me. We were forced to study until I got sick. But that never failed us to keep on doing what we should do. They were so strict with times. They appreciated time. When I walked, I tried to remember, when I went to bed, I still memorized all the notes. You always get feed up by teachers nowadays. You don't work hard on it! Play around and come late to class and not be serious of what your future is..." She paused and the class broke with silence and tears.

"If its tiring, don't look towards the future now. just concentrate on what your present. Fulfill all the requirements of your present. Have you achieve all today? Wake up my all!"

I sensed something hot flushing my cheeks. I didn't realized that I had cried over the touch heart moment with sengsei. She had been awful tired trying to teach us. But one thing that I hadn't realized until that moment. It was the appreciation. The appreciation towards my time, my present, my books, my homework, my teachers, my friends, my ultimate sleep and my family. Instead, what I did was to appreciate wasting. I wasted all of the things I had. I played wasting. Sighing goods and concentrated to fool around.

That was me few years ago, in my high school years. I really hope that who ever read this will never see things as hard as they always think. "Life is hard, why would you always making it more harder with sighing? Move on and grab the chance. Play hard! Be good! Be better than yesterday. be strong!and always be happy with your present because the good is waiting for you one day.."
Stay strong everyone!


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